Agustina and Lady, her guide dog, creating smiles at work

We got word that in Argentina, our colleague Agustina Di Masi and her guide dog Lady are bringing smiles and making every day more exciting at work. Agustina shares her story, why she is passionate about her work, and explains how Lady, her faithful companion, helps carry on her daily chores, adding a little flavor to everything she does.

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Sometimes our routines make every day feel the same, even though they are not. We wake up and get ready to go to work. Some take public transport, some travel by car, and others, walk. Some might say that we do everything automatically without considering the importance of these actions in our daily lives. For Agustina, these activities are not so simple as she has lost her sight and needs Lady, her guide dog, to help her do them. 

A charming duo

When Agustina and Lady started at Boehringer Ingelheim in June 2022, our colleagues welcomed them warmly. Lady’s arrival had a positive influence on the working environment bringing laughs and smiles everywhere. Agustina has been part of the recruitment team for the IT department in human resources since then.

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“Working at Boehringer Ingelheim is a great opportunity for me. I have complete trust in my colleagues. I know that they are there for me whenever I need them. It motivates me to work with people who share the same values as I do and create a great working environment where I can be myself and feel calm. I love my job, as being able to help applicants find their way into our company makes me very happy. As Lady guides me, I can guide others to find their professional path,” shares Agustina.

For Agustina, having the opportunity to connect with such a great diversity of people at work is incredible. She enjoys knowing each of their dreams, expectations, and motivations, but what Agustina loves the most is that each day is different, and she never gets bored.

Lady, her faithful companion

“She is my shadow,” laughs Agustina when she talks about her black 5-year-old Labrador that is always by her side. “I can’t imagine being without her.” Adopting Lady wasn’t easy as it required a significant investment. That is when Agustina had the opportunity to have a story published in the newspaper where she expressed her desire to have a guide dog. The reach was so great that Agustina received financial support from many strangers, family, and friends, both directly and through fundraising activities. All these helped make her dream come true.

It was in December 2019 when Agustina went to the Argentinian guiding dog school (La Escuela de Perros Guía Argentina - EPGA) where she met Lady. They have been together ever since. Lady was trained from when she was 45 days old until she turned 2 to obtain the “guide dog” title. Together, they trained the commandos – how to go up and down the stairs and how to cross the street to mention some. During the pandemic, they took the opportunity to train further and get used to each other, forming an exceptional duo that goes beyond being just a human-animal bond.

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Lady, the team’s mascot

Within Agustina’s team, Lady is the team’s mascot. They celebrate Lady’s birthday, and they are on the lookout for her when she gets sick. When she arrives at the office, she is welcomed with caresses and hugs.

“It is great how the team has embraced her. Lady is very funny, cheers everyone up with her presence. She loves being the center of attention. She is also sporty - she loves to swim! She is curious and knows how to enjoy life. When the time comes to rest and relax, no one does it better than her,” Agustina laughs.

Agustina is grateful every day to have Lady by her side. She is constantly surprised by how Lady guides her, her reactions in every situation, and how she always protects her. At the office, Lady knows she can only use one elevator to get to Agustina’s working floor. After a meeting or break, Lady guides Agustina back to her desk; she is always on the lookout for Agustina’s needs. What she appreciates the most is how Lady cheers her up by asking for caresses, showing affection, or playing. “And once we get home, it’s petting and playing time,” Agustina smiles, “she deserves it!”

Lady, Agustina's guide dog in the office  

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