Driving Innovation through Diversity & Inclusion

Inclusive leaders and an inclusive organisation allow diversity to flourish. Diversity is the mix. Inclusion is making the mix work. Diversity and inclusion drives innovation and growth. We respond to the diversity of our markets and customers by leveraging the power of our people. We build the right team composition and balance, fostering an inclusive environment where diverse thinking is valued. We create an inclusive culture where everyone is respected and invited to contribute, therefore increasing the opportunity for distinctive ideas, creativity and ultimately drive innovation.

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Vision & Values

The purpose of helping others

How a career as Professional Services Vet has transformed Trent’s life.

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Finding the long-missed meaning

Vision & Values

Cancer survivor Missy Pappion is happy at Boehringer Ingelheim after climbing the corporate ladder.
Pride Month 2023: Why belonging matters
Driving Innovation through Diversity & Inclusion

Why belonging matters – to all of us

LGBTIQ+ community members and their allies share how we can create a welcoming and inclusive culture where everyone feels heard, accepted and appreciated.
The power of our people
Driving Innovation through Diversity & Inclusion

The Power of Our People

Diversity & Inclusion is an integral part of Boehringer Ingelheim's identity.

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Our Focus
Vision & Values

Company Culture

Our FOCUS is the cultural framework for our company. It includes our common identity, an explanation why we exist, provides guidance on how we want to interact and describes what our goals are. It consists of four elements:

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Sustainable Development

Sustainable Purchasing

Sustainable Purchasing ensures sustainability throughout the value chain, creates a positive impact on environmental, social and economic matters and reduces negative impacts throughout the lifecycle of our products.

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Code of Conduct
Vision &Values

Ethics & Compliance

Our Code of Conduct demonstrates for each and every one that integrity is “part of our DNA”.