Looking after Bernard Brain: The impact of multiple health conditions on mental health such as depression

Living with multiple health conditions, including heart failure, chronic kidney disease or type 2 diabetes, can be challenging both physically and emotionally. It can create a feeling of exhaustion and disconnection; people with chronic illnesses are more likely to have or develop a mental health condition.1

During this episode, Bernard Brain faces many of the challenges that are associated with multiple health conditions, which eventually impacts his mental health. Watch the video to follow his journey and find out how he gets the help he needs with support from Harold and his friends.

1. The King’s Fund. Long-term conditions and mental health. The cost of co-morbidities. Available at: https://www.kingsfund.org.uk/sites/default/files/field/field_publication_file/long-term-conditions-mental-health-cost-comorbidities-naylor-feb12.pdf. Accessed: December 2021

Learn about how living with multiple health conditions can impact mental health: