Our eyes are to the future. Our optimism is unwavering.

Life forward

Our eyes are to the future. Our optimism is unwavering. Life forward.

When future generations ask us to tell the story of how we tackled the most pressing challenges of our time, what will we say? 

Will we tell them a story of regret? Or will we tell them a story of hope – of the power of imagination – a story about all the discoveries we made and the foundations we laid? 

How we co-created solutions that helped millions of people worldwide live longer, healthier lives.

How basic access to healthcare was no longer dependent upon where you lived?

How healthcare systems – thrived despite rising antimicrobial resistance, surging mental health issues and the medical needs of an aging, less active population?

How we worked to prevent pandemics by controlling emerging and infectious diseases in animals?

How we helped protect and treat diseases in pets, horses, and livestock?

… and even better, how we succeeded in preventing diseases in animals in the first place?

Boehringer Ingelheim Corporate Brand: Not just a design element

Medard mock

“This is not just an evolution of our corporate brand design. Above all, it expresses that we are ready to be more visible and to confidently engage with our external stakeholders. We want to tell our story to potential new employees, to future partners, to politicians who don’t know us, to healthcare professionals, in fact to everyone who takes an interest in us.” 

                                                                             Médard Schoenmaeckers, Head of Corporate Affairs

Our eyes are to the future. Our optimism is unwavering. Life forward.

A corporate brand is more than a specific color, a logo, or a catchy slogan. It's the essence of who we are and how we want to be perceived: as leaders in human medicine and animal health, as partners and supporters, as problem solvers and forward thinkers.  

Life forward expresses what we want to achieve and how we behave. 

We are life forward, and we take life forward.

The heart of our brand is powered by Unwavering optimism

In everything we do and say, we look positively into the future because we know we can shape and influence it for the better and want to inspire others to join us.  

All things in life that often go unnoticed deserve purpose and meaning. We want to create a feeling of joy, hope, connection, and gratitude for the present moment and all the small things in life.

This insight inspired our external campaign, consisting of the two initial videos below, which establishes an unexpected connection between some of life’s smallest yet significant moments to how Boehringer Ingelheim helped make them possible. 


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