Our development and production network spans across the globe

Our services are available to partners worldwide. Our locations on three continents offer state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities, as well as the expert knowledge to help our partners make the most of them. We constantly invest in both capacity and capability.


Biberach is where our Boehringer Ingelheim BioXcellence™ story began, and is still the launch site for almost all of our customer commercial products. Today, it is Europe’s largest multi-product mammalian cell culture plant, with two large-scale manufacturing facilities and a pilot plant.


Clinical and commercial supply

Cell line and process development

Development, manufacture, and launch of therapeutic proteins and antibodies

Single-use plant with bioreactors from 100 - 500 L

Core technology: fed-batch large-scale manufacturing in 15,000 L bioreactors, N-1 perfusion processes in 2,000 L bioreactors


The only site in our network offering both microbial and mammalian technology, Vienna’s new Large Scale Cell Culture (LSCC) facility has a flexible total mammalian capacity of 135,000 L. Its leading-edge efficiency is driven by smart technologies and artificial intelligence.

Clinical and commercial supply

Manufacturing of proteins obtained from E. coli or yeast

Mammalian technology: 15,000 L capacity

Microbial technology: 30 – 6,000 L capacity

Specialists in microbial fermentation, manufacturing e.g., recombinant proteins, recombinant vaccines, antibody-mimetics and plasmid DNA

Our mammalian technology plant in California is ideal for large-scale parallel projects, with two flexible cell culture and purification trains (2,000 L and 15,000 L).


Clinical and commercial supply

Fill & Finish

Cell line and process development

Large window construction for maximum transparency

Stainless Steel and Single-Use bioreactors

2,000 L and 15,000 L capacity

New possibilities on solid foundations

Our site in Shanghai is part of the global biopharmaceuticals manufacturing network and was the first multinational commercial mammalian cell culture facility in China. cGMP compliant, it is flexible and fully disposable, offering scale-out and scale-up capabilities.

Clinical and commercial supply

Fill & Finish

Upstream and downstream process optimization

Single-use bioreactors – up to 3 x 2,000 L