Sustainable Development –
For Generations

At Boehringer Ingelheim, “Sustainable Development – For Generations” is about a journey. One that started in 1885 and one that we hope, and believe, will never end.  Because Boehringer Ingelheim will always strive to be better: develop better therapies, enable better health care solutions and contribute to a better world. Not just now or for the next generation, but for all generations to come. Because being a family business is about family. And we consider our employees, patients, communities and business partners all to be part of that family.

sustainable development for generations

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Chris Underhill knows: Working in the garden can be very beneficial for patients with dementia.

A lifetime for patients with mental health conditions

Chris Underhill is a social entrepreneur and participant at the Making More Health Convention.

A patient in a tribal village gets medical treatment
Sustainable Development

Health Equity: No distance is too far

India is hosting the G20 summit – and emphasize health equity as part of the agenda. While many underserved communities in India still need help, progress has been made. We are supporting these efforts via Making More Health.

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