Boehringer Ingelheim at BIO International 2023

Collaboration brings critical diversity to innovation and accelerates the next wave of breakthroughs. Meet our Human Pharma, Animal Health and Biopharma Contract Manufacturing teams in Boston, and visit our BIO Digital Hub to find out more.

BIO International 2023

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Boehringer Ingelheim and German Chancellor Olaf Scholz lay the foundation stone for innovation center

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Phase II trial results in people living with obesity or overweight

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Boehringer Ingelheim and Zealand Pharma announce phase II trial showed 14.9% weight loss in people living with obesity or overweight

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Our team in Japan has found a way to reduce plastic waste
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Taking action to reduce plastic waste

By using creativity and persistence, the packaging department team at Yamagata, Japan, managed to reduce their waste plastic material by 11 per cent, making them an inspiration for all sites globally.
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Lamine Mbow, Global Head of Cancer Immunology and Immune Modulation at Boehringer Ingelheim, shares our approach to Immuno-oncology
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T-cell engagers: Reawakening T-cells to fight cancer

Lamine Mbow, our Global Head of Cancer Immunology and Immune Modulation, shares our approach to immuno-oncology, highlighting our T-cell engagers platform and how we are driving innovation to deliver meaningful advances to people with cancer.
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Pride Month 2023: Why belonging matters
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Why belonging matters – to all of us

LGBTIQ+ community members and their allies share how we can create a welcoming and inclusive culture where everyone feels heard, accepted and appreciated. 
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Portrait of Miyuki Ono, with her title as Head of Pulmonary Fibrosis Marketing Japan, and her location showing Tokyo, Japan
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From social worker to the pharmaceutical industry

Miyuki Ono shares about an empathy program designed to provide patients with holistic support

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Ukrainian flag
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Solidarity with Ukraine

We condemn military aggression against Ukraine and will contribute EUR 38 million to humanitarian relief funds for Ukraine.

Heart Failure

Heart Failure in Women

Gain knowledge on how gender disparities appear in heart failure care. You’ll hear from global experts on how women can be supported through their journey and empowered to manage their care, from diagnosis to disease management.

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