More Green: For Our Planet

Our MORE GREEN pillar encompasses environmental initiatives that consider many different aspects: adopting measures to avoid water and air pollution, using renewable energy, reducing waste and creating environmentally friendly products, building facilities close to nature to provide habitats for a variety of plants and animals, encouraging “green” behavior of our employees, as well as implementing certified systems for environmental protection and energy management. Our focus is on protecting natural resources, including clean water and our path to carbon neutrality in our operations.

More Green

More Green: Overview

Our pillar MORE GREEN encompasses environmental initiatives that consider many different aspects.


Resource conservation at Boehringer Ingelheim is managed as part of an ongoing process of prevention and reduction of material usage and waste. Our goal is to design the most efficient approach during the planning process of drug development.

Our team in Japan has found a way to reduce plastic waste
More Green

Taking action to reduce plastic waste 

By using creativity and persistence, the packaging department team at Yamagata, Japan, managed to reduce their waste plastic material by 11 per cent, making them an inspiration for all sites globally.


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MORE GREEN at a glance

Our environmental commitments are underscored by numerous projects and initiatives, many of which have been active for over a decade.