Cancer takes. Takes away time. Takes away loved ones. At Boehringer Ingelheim we are providing new hope for patients by taking cancer on. We are collaborating with the oncology community to deliver scientific breakthroughs to transform the lives of patients. 

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Taking Cancer On

Taking Cancer On: The Podcast

From early stage discovery to clinical trials and approval, we’re Taking Cancer On. Click here to access the podcast homepage, where you will find all the available episodes.

Win Fight Against Cancer

At Boehringer Ingelheim, we believe this can be the generation that redefines many cancers as curable diseases. We want to be part of this transformation.

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When it comes to winning the fight against cancer, we’re brighter together. Collaboration is fundamental to unravelling the complexities of cancer and developing breakthrough treatments with demonstrable value. As an oncology partner of choice, we are involved in long-term collaborations with many of the world’s leading academic, industry and advocacy organizations. Our approach is grounded in mutual trust, shared goals and a passion for leading science.

Research Collaborations

Research Collaborations

Clinical Collaborations

Clinical Collaborations
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Cancer Products

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