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More Health: For People & Animals

In France, it’s time to be(e)

How about producing honey and contributing to environmental sustainability during your work hours? That is a reality at our Saint-Vulbas Research Centre (CRSV).
Hummingbird - the world’s smallest bird
Sustainable Development - Our Commitment

3 scopes for sustainability

Our colleagues at Saint-Vulbas uncover hidden climate killers – and are taking the hummingbird’s lead! Find out how.
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Performance Indicators

All available performance indicators concerning EHS sustainability are summarized here. Changes of data over time are discussed in chapters Environment and Occupational Health and Safety.
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Responsible Supply Chain Management

Boehringer Ingelheim procures its raw materials, intermediates, packaging materials, technical components and services from international suppliers.
Sustainable Development

EHS management approach

Our comprehensive EHS framework describes our EHS management system on corporate level. It forms the basis to integrate environmental protection, health and safety into our business processes.
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Resource conservation at Boehringer Ingelheim is managed as part of an ongoing process of prevention and reduction of material usage and waste. Our goal is to design the most efficient approach during the planning process of drug development.
Labor & Human Rights

Our Expectations

We expect adherence to exemplary ethical and professional conduct both within the company and from our business partners.